March 11, 2010

The Worst Car EVAH

Profiled in the Wall Street Journal, the Yugo is describes as a real piece of crap:

"The car broke down during a Motor Trend road test. Consumer Reports declared that the Yugo was "hard to recommend at any price," noting that during one assessment an oil leak dripped onto the exhaust system and filled the car with smoke. The magazine continued: "The clutch chattered. The brakes squealed. . . . The speedometer clicked. The hood became loose." There were safety concerns, too—though, miraculously, a national study ranked the Yugo as only the eighth most deadly car on the road. Somebody should have demanded a recount."

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Manny Chavez said...

I have a buddy that has a yugo but he has put about 8k into it but he has swapped in everything from the engine to the seats everything on this car is different but its awsome