March 19, 2010

Made in the Good Old USA... NOT

Here is a list of famous American brands such as Radio Flyer, Etch-A-Sketch, Chuck Taylors, NBA Jerseys, that are no longer made in America... even some American Flags.


Camille said...

This is really interesting, all of these American icon brands that are no longer even made here. But sadly it doesn't surprise me. There is so much outsourcing. I just wish my Chucks were made here. :/

Camille - hour 1

Rose said...

This article suprised me a little. I understand that our economy is currently in a very bad state, and it makes a lot of monetary sense to companies to outsource production of their products. But what doesn't make sense to me is that these products originally prided themselves in that they were American made, especially the American Flag. It is a tough choice between keeping jobs in the US that cost more and mindlessly outsourcing them to starving workers, but hopefully when our economy gets back on its feet, these companies will return production of these items to American hands.

-Rose K., Hour 6

Anonymous said...

I understand where companies are coming from when they try to outsource production of their products to a different country who's labor costs nearly nothing, but I think that we should be producing products that represent America HERE in America, not at at some little factory in china. We as Americans should make our own flag and products that are most popular here instead of outsourcing.

J.H. hour 6