February 27, 2012

Fed Essay Contest Sources

In addition to the sources listed on the Fed's webpage (click here) here are some additional sources I have added.
  • NEW 3/11: No degree, and big debt: 40% college dropout rate. Click here
  • NEW 3/11: Khan Online Academy: the future of US education. 60 minutes this Sunday. Click here
  • 40% of college students drop out. No degree, no skills, and lots of debt. Click Here
  • NEW: Wow! 1996 Law School Grad's debt will exceed 1.5 Million by the time he retires. No Joke. Click here
  • NEW: Unemployment Rates by College Major. Click here. Ranked by salary here. More, top 10 majors with the lowest unemployment rates, here.
  • NEW: Georgetown Study: Economic Value of College Majors. Click here
  • NEW: A three year degree at the U of M? The U President wants it. Click here
  • NEW: Harvard's Outrageously Huge Endowment Fund: Click here
  • NEW: Good Article about tuition inflation, and what can be done about it. Click here. More here
  • A study finds students who coast thru college often struggle after graduation. Click here
  • ONE TRILLION in student loan debt, read more here, and here
  • U of M executives make big bucks, while tuition rises. Click here
  • Declining value, increasing cost of college. Click here.
  • Online Education: Envisioning a Post-Campus America. Click here
  • New start-up: Udacity, providing online education. Has a higher-ed revolution begun? Click here
  • Online Courses: "Free Courses, Elite Colleges." Click here.
  • Online Courses: Stanford Professor gives up job, hopes to teach 500,000 at online start-up, Udacity. Click here
  • The coming higher-ed revolution. Click here
  • Why Federal Aid increases college tuition. Click here

February 16, 2012



Please click here for your assignment. check out everything you need to know about the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Essay contest here on the Fed Website. As a reminder, 30 students will win $100, with a chance to win $500 and a job! I am expecting some great papers this year!

Check out the beautiful Minneapolis Fed building where contest winners will have a "free lunch" and get to miss a day of school.