December 9, 2014

Fed Essay Information - What Are The Causes of Inequality?

Research: The links below are good places to get you started with your research and thinking about your thesis statement. You need good research and facts to back up your arguments. Before that, however, look over the tips below for a good essay:

  • Thesis clearly presented
  • Paragraphs well organized
  • Effective transitions between paragraphs
  • Argument follows a logical progression
  • Strong evidence used to support thesis
  • Sentence structure
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Page numbers
  • Bibliography and parenthetical references or footnotes follow a consistent style (MLA Format - use for citation)
  • Cover includes required information
  • First written page with title and no name
  • Copy can be easily read—type is clear and dark

Sources: First check out the Fed Essay Website Bibliography Here. 

Here are some other sources about income inequality, as a serious problem and the causes:
Articles arguing income inequality is actually overstated: 

February 23, 2014

Possible Fed Essay Topics: "The Future of the Fed"

Before choosing a topic, be sure to read the topic primer here.

1. Replace the Federal Reserve with the Gold Standard.
2. Stay the Course. ex. - No economic depressions since the Great Depression. We need a "lender of last resort" in a financial crisis.
3. Alternatives to the Fed: Use money besides the US Dollar: (ex. Bitcoin)

Fed Essay Sources

Click on the following articles for good info regarding your topic.
A good place to start: Resources on the Fed Essay page. Click Here.
End/Reform the Fed and the Gold Standard articles:

February 14, 2014


Please click here for more info on the topic, and to read articles to help you write your essay. Due March 14th.

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