August 30, 2007


The following are some classic videos from the late Noble Prize winning Economist Milton Friedman, one of the most influential economist of all time. His economic ideas have lifted tens of millions of people around the world out of dire poverty. Check out some of these videos:

  • Watch this video clip and you will be amazed at how much actually goes into making a single pencil. "Thousands of people around the world cooperate to make a single pencil," and it is all the magic of markets and the price system.

August 29, 2007

The Innovators at Apple

A great article on why Apple is such an innovative and successful company.

Below, find the chart of Apple's stock price (Ticker Symbol: AAPL) over the last 5 years. If someone invested $10,000 dollars in Apple 5 years ago, today that investment would be worth $150,000! An increase of 1500%.

This is an exapmle of how teens may have an advantage investing. Teens know what is cool and popular, and likely the amazing popularity of the ipod before old people on wall street who determing stock prices, and now the iphone. When a company has great products much better than their competitors, the likely are making huge profits, which usually results in a much higher stock price.

While I wish I would have bought some Apple, I did pick up some stock of another great company: Chipolte (Symbol: CMG). Great Product. Better that Pancheros, Salsaritas, Qdoba (now I know some students love Qdoba) but Chipolte has much better same store sales (another measure of a successful company). Check out Chipolte's stock price here.

August 28, 2007

Cutest Twins I Know!

Note picture of Carly, age 3, reading the Economist magazine. It's never too early to learn Econ!

August 13, 2007


Mad Money's Cramer and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke obviously disagree on the viability of a Federal Funds rate cut (or a bailout of those bought too much house that they could not afford) I also now can understand why my wife gets so annoyed when I watch Mad Money every day

Education Pays

Enough Said.