October 23, 2009

Neat Interactive Map of US Housing Foreclosures

Check out how the worst of the foreclosure market seems to be concentrated in just a few states. Play with the map here, or click on the map.


Anonymous said...

This just is horrible that they are closing all these homes and kicking them out on the streets. People have kids and need a place to stay. I think that they should be more understanding of the economy right now. Give the families/people more time to pay.
Period 6

Anonymous said...

I thought it was very interesting comparing the north to the south throughout the given 4 years on the map. The northern states seemed to stay fairly neutral, having less foreclosures than the southern states. Although several of the New England states had the lowest number of forclosures at times, Montana and the Dakotas seemed to stay the most neutral of the northern states.

I'm curious as to why the southern states have so many more foreclosures in contrast to the northern states. Population density is a factor but it's also important to take into consideration housing prices. Properties in California tend to be much more extreme then, say, Idaho. I'm sure there are several aspects that contribute to the contrast between northern and southern states, but overall i found it pretty interesting.
T.L.H. - Hour 2