October 16, 2009

The Invisible Hand At Work. Wal-Mart and Amazon.com Have A Price War


"Wal-Mart triggered the online skirmish Thursday when it began selling its 10 most anticipated hardcovers for $10 apiece when pre-ordered on its Web site. Amazon matched the offer hours later and Wal-Mart then chopped its price to $9. Friday morning Amazon had matched the price."

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Anonymous said...

They are keeping a good eye on the competition and making sure they can match them or have an even lower price.
elh p.6

Anonymous said...

This article is a great representation at competition at work. The two companies, amazon and walmart are competing to provide the best deal for the customer by lowering and matching eachothers prices. This is good news for the buyer, but a warning towards Amazon to watch out for a strong future competator.

-rw p.6

Anonymous said...

personaly i dont like amazon.com all that much but when i went to new york city last summer all the clothes were really cheap cuz they were sooo many stores to have competiton with.