October 18, 2010

Marshmallow Towers

The goal of the game is to make the most profit, which of course is total revenues minus total cost. For each tower, each inch up to 4 inches is worth $1000, and every inch above 4 inches is worth $2000. The variable costs are marshmallows ($50), and toothpicks ($100). Each group has fixed costs of $1000, which do not change with output. Bonuses are given as well for being able to hold piece of paper for 5 seconds, and to be able to stand straight for 3 seconds. The group right below this won, with a profit of $12,300. Congrats!!

Well built tower below, very high revenue, but also high variable costs.
This one looks tasty. Unfortunately, not a winner.
Another good effort.
High marshmallow content, also high variable cost.
A great tower, but lots of variable costs.


indozine said...

very good! congrats!

Talia S said...

I really enjoyed this hands on activity it was a fun and competitive way to learn about revenue, cost and profit.
-Talia S p.2

David Mayer said...

Hi James 'O'Malley'

Nice blog.

Do you have the worksheet to go with this?

David Mayer said...

Hey O'Malley,

Nice Work!