October 7, 2010

Robot Hair Washers

Creative Destruction in action... a robot takes another job. This time it is at
the hair salon. One thing that the video doesn't elaborate on is how the robot
is actually scanning the user's head shape in three dimensions to figure out
just the right amount of pressure to apply, and it will use that shape to
remember who you are and what shampoo and massage settings you like.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome but I also think that it shows how people are becoming more and more dependent on robots, computers, and technology in general. It's cool how we have come up with technology like that and it might help handicapped patients and elderly people, but I also think that some things should be done without robots or computers.

Period 2

Bria said...

I think this is an amazing invention but is it really worth the money and time to make? This invention can be beneficial for some of the world but there is also those people who may not feel comfortable with a robot doing anything to their head. There are some things that can and sometimes should be done by robots or computer operated machines and there are still those jobs that should continue to be done by humans.