March 3, 2009

Markets Hit 1997 Level


Anonymous said...

That is crazy to see how our economy had grown so much, and just tanked recently. And it's also interesting that India's is also going way down, even though in that video that you showed us the other day they were talking about how much their economy is growning, and the general populations standard of living has increased tremendously.


Anonymous said...

Is it that the stock market was truely that bad back in 1997 that everyone is making such a big deal of the DOW being as low now as it was then? Or is it that the there is some sort of "nessasary" DOW average in order to maintain the current economy?

RW said...

Its strange to think of all the money lost and the huge stockmarket drop that destroyed many americans financial system wasnt long ago. In the article when they refer to a "bear" they are talking about the terms bear and bull market. A bear market is bad market which obviously was the case with the plummeting stock market and negative numbers. But today the market has reached 10,000 points and a brighter future looks ahead towards a bull market!Hopefully consumer spending continues along with good investments leading to more succesfull financial future for americans.