February 26, 2009

The Crash of 2008: Causes and The Aftermath

Here is a great article I heard about at my economics conference today at SCSU. This may help my regular economics class students with their paper regarding the housing crisis.

The economist I am listening to today, Rich MacDonald, from SCSU, is on the Minnesota State Board of Economists, and has a quite dire prediction for the US economy in 2009. In his eyes, the recession will last until at least 2010.

Here is another description about the Credit Crisis, a powerpoint in PDF format.

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Anonymous said...

i have to start off by saying one thing and that is that obviously our economy is an everchanging animal. For the past 80 years our economy has been sky rocketing and dipping like an oj simpson car chase. The thing that confusses me is why cant we learn from our past and at least regulate our economy from recessions (to some extent). the thing i like about this power point is that it has hard facts that backs up his opinion. What hit me the hardest was when he told us "this is what needs to be done....." This really wraped up the power point in a fullfilling way.
~Green Bean