February 17, 2009

1980's vs. Today


Anonymous said...

I think that is very interesting that our current economy is that much better than in previous years. But yet today, with our current economic trouble, people say how terrible our economy is doing, and how is if so much worse than before.

And also I saw how low our current unemployment rate is, but at its current rate of increase, I see us reaching, or passing that number in the near future.

Not quite as fast as "500 million people in the next year"... but it's still pretty fast. (that is the quote from the video shown in class)


Ranta said...

This grpah is very sad comparing and contrasting all the bad things tha have happened in the United States since this economic down pour has happened. For example, jobless rate went down 3.2 % since these economic disaster. Also, the 30 year mortgages when down 13.34%. This is saying that not many people are getting loans to pay for certain stuff, only people who are in need. Then it all comes back to why do we have to help the people who dug their own hole? Its just because American's are the nicest people alive!!