May 22, 2008

Want 200-300 Miles Per Gallon? Check Out These Rides

Above is the Aptera, a cool 300 MPG. You can reserve one now for $500, and the car will cost you $27 - $30 K.

Volkswagen will sell this 230 MPG car beginning in 2010. Read more here.


Anonymous said...

It would be great to have more miles per gallon, but the future cars look pretty lonely.
so although the cars look good i'm not excited to be driving solo.

Anonymous said...

These new cars seem to be somewhat impractical. It would be nice to have more miles per gallon but they are only accessable to maybe one or two people.
Kelly Hour 7

Creshae said...

This car is actually interesting. It's not very attractive looking, but the fact that it will go 200-300 miles per gallon makes all the change in my judgement for this car. The money for the input of production to make these cars would probably be alot and many people might not buy them. Even though they tend to complain about the gas prices{go figure).


Andrew Ellison said...

the idea of good mileage is to save money, but these cars are too expensive