March 1, 2016


Welcome the the 2016 3-Page Fed Essay: Here's your topic:

2016 Question:

What change in the American K-12 education system would result in the 
most cost-effective improvement in student outcomes?
Please read the Topic Primer before beginning your essay and check out the essay website.

Research: The links below are good places to get you started with your research and thinking about your thesis statement. You need good research and facts to back up your arguments.

Research to get you started - You don't have to use these articles but are here if you need some ideas.
Dan Rather Reports: German Jobs Machine Video on Vimeo
Investment in Community Based Schools
Online Learning to improve education
School Choice and vouchers
Economics of School Reform
The Economic Payoff for Investing in Education
Return on Investment: Improving California's Graduation Rate
Education in America and how to improve it
Low cost education reform
Ideas to improve education for poor kids
Competency based education
Early Childhood Development Facts
Childhood education centers in Chicago
Cost-Effectiveness from early child readiness in Detroit
More on early childhood in Detroit
Minneapolis North Side Achievement Zone to reduce costs.
How to calculate Social Return on Investment
Germany's Education System as a model for others.
The secret to Germany's low unemployment.
Explaining the Germany Education System. 

 Finally, look over the tips below for an excellent essay:

  • Thesis clearly presented
  • Paragraphs well organized
  • Effective transitions between paragraphs
  • Argument follows a logical progression
  • Strong evidence used to support thesis
  • Sentence structure
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Page numbers
  • Bibliography and parenthetical references or footnotes follow a consistent style (MLA Format - use for citation)
  • Cover includes required information
  • First written page with title and no name
  • Copy can be easily read—type is clear and dark

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