February 27, 2012

Fed Essay Contest Sources

In addition to the sources listed on the Fed's webpage (click here) here are some additional sources I have added.
  • NEW 3/11: No degree, and big debt: 40% college dropout rate. Click here
  • NEW 3/11: Khan Online Academy: the future of US education. 60 minutes this Sunday. Click here
  • 40% of college students drop out. No degree, no skills, and lots of debt. Click Here
  • NEW: Wow! 1996 Law School Grad's debt will exceed 1.5 Million by the time he retires. No Joke. Click here
  • NEW: Unemployment Rates by College Major. Click here. Ranked by salary here. More, top 10 majors with the lowest unemployment rates, here.
  • NEW: Georgetown Study: Economic Value of College Majors. Click here
  • NEW: A three year degree at the U of M? The U President wants it. Click here
  • NEW: Harvard's Outrageously Huge Endowment Fund: Click here
  • NEW: Good Article about tuition inflation, and what can be done about it. Click here. More here
  • A study finds students who coast thru college often struggle after graduation. Click here
  • ONE TRILLION in student loan debt, read more here, and here
  • U of M executives make big bucks, while tuition rises. Click here
  • Declining value, increasing cost of college. Click here.
  • Online Education: Envisioning a Post-Campus America. Click here
  • New start-up: Udacity, providing online education. Has a higher-ed revolution begun? Click here
  • Online Courses: "Free Courses, Elite Colleges." Click here.
  • Online Courses: Stanford Professor gives up job, hopes to teach 500,000 at online start-up, Udacity. Click here
  • The coming higher-ed revolution. Click here
  • Why Federal Aid increases college tuition. Click here

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