May 3, 2011

3rd Annual AP Economics Exam Facebook Global Review

You are invited to attend an AP Economics review event on Facebook, created by Mr. David Mayer, a friend of mine and an outstanding teacher at Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas.



If you have any questions, post it at this site and a highly qualified teacher will answer your question. This is a excellent resource for review and I hope you have time to check it out!

Here are some student quotes about the facebook review:

"Do it people!! You won't get a group of teachers so dedicated to your
success probably ever again. Take advantage of this and THANK them often!"

"I got a 5 on my AP Macro test. Thanks so much for doing this!"

"I got a 4 on my AP Macroeconomics!! thank you all soo much :)"

"I just wanted to thank everyone for the help, it definitely made a world of difference on the exam!"

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