January 6, 2010

30 Days of Outsourcing


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

A computer programmer travels to India to get his outsourced job back.

America realized they could make other things cheaper in other countries. This is outsourcing. This means a lot of jobs are lost here. India is the destination of choice. Who is replaceable?

He has a girlfriend and a baby. He grew up in a safe neighborhood – but wants even more for his family. He sold his stocks to pay the bills. His life got flipped upside down. His dad thinks outsourcing is a good thing, it makes the global economy competitive. So now Chris is going to India and live with an Indian family. Then he will get a job that has been outsourced to there. Chris says his goodbyes.

He is going to Bangalore. Internet made Bangalore boom. US corporate signs are everywhere, even McDonalds. Only new buildings. Cows in the street! He thinks it is dirty. He then gets a dot. Shashi is also a computer programmer. Chris goes to meet with someone to place him in a job. He would get $1,200 a month for a call enter. Even though they are Americanized, marriages are still arranged. India has the third most English speakers. He gets American training, not job training. He passes his test and goes to his first day of work. Soni is thinking about getting a call center job. Chris sees the mall and notices the traffic. Soni is studying to be a call center employee. She is studying and still taking care of the family. She is bridging old and new. “Ron Rocks” is upset his wife didn’t get him a cup of tea, he is worried she won’t do her home job first. Chris goes to see the slum. He is surprised someone with a supervisor job lives in a shack. He gets teared up over the working children and sad babies. He calls his girlfriend. Later there is a riot because of an actor died. Ravi is concerned about Chris. He needs to get home. Chris is surprised by the rioting, nothing like that happens in America. He now understands the metal doors. The next day the city is shut down. All of the big city buildings were hit . 40 million was lost in one day. Yet, Indians are still being hired. Soni got a job. Outsourcing gives India a chance. On his last day there is a parade. And Chris says his goodbyes. He missed America. But he feels almost charitable that his job was outsourced.

E.R. Period 2