September 23, 2009

Another Debt Chart, This One Even More Depressing

Current debt projections, unless changes in spending and taxes are made. Read more here from economist John Taylor.


Anonymous said...

From Haley -- 2nd Hour Class

Looking at this graph, I tried to find where the loop holes were. You know, where the scales on each axis are some how skewed with so the data looks more ridiculous than it really is.
But after I saw nothing, it made me realize... we really are S.O.L.

It makes me wonder how in the world we are ever going to get out of such debt and how we could have ever fallen so far deep. Think how bad times were during W.W.II. and that debt isn't even a fraction to what's predicted.

A part of me wants to pick up my things and move to Australia. What good is going to come from staying here?

Also, I know our mothers taught us to share since kindergarden, but there comes a point in time when people should have seen sharing all this money was gonna bite them in the butt. Especailly when there are people who don't share BACK.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how in the world our economy has gotten to the point to predict this amount. It terrifies me to think that I will be living, and actively a part of the work force, during such predicted outputs of debt. I feel as if our economy, specifically our government spending, needs to change in order to prevent such predicted outputs from occuring. I hope that under the administration Obama has instilled right now that some large changes in a positive manner will take place, otherwise we [Americans] really are "S.O.L"

Morgan, Hour 1.