May 11, 2009

15,000 Views, Check it Out!

15,000 views, of video I took from these students performing Georgian music and dancing from my Study Tour to the beautiful Republic of Georgia with the Council for Economic Education. Read about it here, page three, and check out the video.


green bean said...

red this is so intense!!!
so i was just wondering
what were the ages of the
kids that were playing? oh
ya and congrats on the 15K

K. Ward said...

It looks like you had a great trip, very exciting! Well to talk about the students, I think this video just portrays how important it is to teach children music and to keep musical education in schools. If schools didnt allow musical education then these or any other students would not have any musical talent. I feel like music is a rebound effect. If young students were not taught to express themselves through music then we would not have artist or musicians today and live a relatively dull life. We need musical education and these students did a great job of showing us what we could achieve!