September 23, 2008

"Business is Booming On College Campuses" ... according to the StarTribune

PHOTO: University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management's Hanson Hall, a new 47.9 million dollar building.

Business is Booming in the classroom, according to this article written by the Minneapolis StarTribune.

Some stats:

1. 4,000 high school students applied for 450 spots for admittance into the U of M's Carlson School of Management.

2. 40% of University of St. Thomas students major in a business related degree.

3. University of Minnesota-Duluth's Labovitz School of Business has gone from 1,200 students in 1998 to 2,000 now, and is building a new $23 million building.

And of course a great incentive for students to major in business/economics, is the pay; see here for a previous Redonomics post on this.


elena said...

this is elena beisel posting for extra credit. i think its nice that people want to learn more about buisness in school. then they can profit more. still, i dont think i will be majoring in buisness.

Hua-Kuang said...

it's nice to see how many people are intrested and studing in buisness. But the question is that will all these people will be able to find a job, that involves with buisness degree, with all these competitions going on in thier first year after they recive the degree.

Anonymous said...

Business is ok, i suppose. There has to be some backup for kids who can't do the math and become an engineer.

Sam D. said...

business is such a broad field that there are so many opportunities for business majors. although, it's way too much of a competitive field for me. too stressful. however, i give people props who succeed in this field

Anonymous said...

We think that it is so good that more people are becoming interested in the business/economic feild. Obviously there is a higher demand for them (which is the reason for their higher pay). So it is a thing that can be beneficial to the economy as well as the individual person.

Molly Nordlocken & Carter Peterson Hour 7

Anonymous said...

I think business is a great field to enter. I also plan on entering a business-related field; which is accounting. I think more college students are entering into business-related fields because kthey know that business is of great deal to the people, therefore, giving them the advantage of finding a career after college. Also, the students know that a business degree could be really beneficial to be as a B-plan.

-Yer T.
Period 7