August 19, 2008

Update On My Friends In Georgia

Below, you can see a picture of our wonderful host in Batumi, Natia, an economics professor, and her son Lasha, during my visit to Georgia. I received the e-mail below a few days ago from Natia. Lasha, a banker, has now gone off to fight with the Georgian army.


I was very glad to hear from you. For this moment the general condition in Georgia is very dangerous. Lasha is in the center of conflict region and it makes all of us anxious. I pray everyday for him and hope he'll return back safe. Our country doesn't want any conflict, it only needs to be free. We are so grateful to USA for it's helping and proud of our closest friends we have there.

Thank you for your attantion. Best wishes to your family,
I hope we'll have chance to meet eachother again in our countries.

Best regards

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