April 1, 2008

Good Advice

... from the duty free shop at Amsterdam International Airport. Click on picture to enlarge


Anonymous said...

Wow. I wish they had these labels on the packs here, maybe people would read them and actually get the hint! Then again I don't know how effective they would actually be because some people might just think the warnings are funny and they might not really care. Most people know the damage that smoking causes, yet they still do it anyway. I still think they should put the labels on all packs though.

per. 6

Anonymous said...

I feel like these labels are good to have because people purchasing these items will have a reminder of how bad they are for your health. However I agree with Laura and don't know if the warning will be very benefical. Everyone who buys these products know its bad for them and I don't think a these labels will neccessarily stop them from smoking.
Hour 7