October 25, 2007

College Price Sticker Shock!

Why have college costs increased every year at more than double the rate of inflation? Read here. Ouch! It looks like it is State U. for my kids.


Nhat huynh said...

This is a big obstace for low income students. the FAFfSA can't enough for them. They need to earn money from scholarship. Otherwise, the rate that student loan will increase because everyone still want to go to college. Then, When do the tuition and fee for college drop?????????????

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much tuition prices are rising. College is becoming so expensive that more students won't be able to afford a higher education.
PHilip Barlow

Anonymous said...

The price of college is rediculous. How are people who don't have alot of money supposed to pay for college? Yes, there are student loans but it would take them so long to pay it back.
Jaclyn Blumenberg

Anonymous said...

Yes the prices of a college tuition are very expensive, but when you graduate from college, you will have a good education to get the job you want and will be making alot money. So you should have no problem paying off student loans.............Josh Anderson

Anonymous said...

No problem? I have to disagree. Even if you do get a job that's not a promise that you'll be able to pay off student loans. With everything we'll have to pay and budget for it's all very overwhelming. And even with scholarships and financial aid it's not always enough.

Emily Aanerud

Anonymous said...

Zach Shamblott period 4
College tuition is becoming ridiculous! I mean not only are colleges outrageously expensive academically there getting much tougher to get into. This will effect many US citizens by not going to college they'll have to settle for a lower income job.