August 29, 2007

The Innovators at Apple

A great article on why Apple is such an innovative and successful company.

Below, find the chart of Apple's stock price (Ticker Symbol: AAPL) over the last 5 years. If someone invested $10,000 dollars in Apple 5 years ago, today that investment would be worth $150,000! An increase of 1500%.

This is an exapmle of how teens may have an advantage investing. Teens know what is cool and popular, and likely the amazing popularity of the ipod before old people on wall street who determing stock prices, and now the iphone. When a company has great products much better than their competitors, the likely are making huge profits, which usually results in a much higher stock price.

While I wish I would have bought some Apple, I did pick up some stock of another great company: Chipolte (Symbol: CMG). Great Product. Better that Pancheros, Salsaritas, Qdoba (now I know some students love Qdoba) but Chipolte has much better same store sales (another measure of a successful company). Check out Chipolte's stock price here.

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Caitlyn A. said...

I really liked reading this blog and seeing how Apple rised to the top. I can see through this article that Apple can gain success by utilizing methods such as thinking about who the product is for by keeping it easy to use and stylish.